1. Get even skin tone:

Use a foundation with an all-in-one formulation that stays on skin all-day. A BB cream will just do the trick as it’s a moisturizer, makeup base, concealer and foundation in a tube. Look for one with SPF to protect against harmful sun rays.

2. Pretty up your eyes:

A mascara will instantly open up your eyes and keep you looking fresh, especially if you’ve stayed up late to get the most out of your holiday. When applying, wiggle the brush in a zig-zag motion, starting from the root of lashes to the tip. Ensuring that the root of lashes is coated thoroughly with mascara will create fuller looking lashes, and also act as an eyeliner replacement to further define eyes.

3. Glowing skin all-day:

A blusher will add color and give you that natural, healthy glow that every girl wants. Smile, and apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks, towards your hairline.

4. Soft and supple lips:

Keep lips soft and supple with a lip balm. With all that moving about, your might forget to drink your daily recommended dose of H20, so it’s a good idea to carry a lip balm to apply on dry lips whenever necessary.