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This lip powder is the newest innovation in the world of lip colors. The powder-to-cream texture creates a lightweight matte finish that lasts from mornings to evenings. It comes with a flexible cushion applicator for easy blending and it offers highly pigmented, vivid colors.

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I love it

August 16, 2019

I really love it. I just randomly bought this Cushion Matte Lip Powder code Browny because it was on sale and I did not realise that it’s gonna be my favourite. But now I cannot find the Lip Powder code Browny anywhere. Please Team Silkygirl make it available again so I can have my favourite Lip Powder again. Thank you.



April 26, 2019




January 21, 2019

I discovered this “Cushion Matte Lip Powder“ last year end before Christmas ’18. It comes in 6 beautiful sweet shades. Instantly after I’d tried the testers on my wrist to view the actual colors, I was so impressed. I’d bought 4 shades / colors out of 6. I’d bought shade #1 Brownie, it’s a very unique red, not brown as the name was. It’s a Brick Red (Batu Bata Merah)or commonly known as Terracotta Red. A very gorgeous neutral warm shade. Second color I’d bought was #3 Poppy. This color is totally a spring season color, very dramatically bright coral pink. Third color I’d bought was #4 Rosy. This shade is also another warm neutral shade, it’s like a dry pink rosy color, very natural and sweet shade. The last color I’d bought was #5 Cherry. This is also another spring season share, thou it’s red, but not like those chilli or cherry’s red or too red with blue undertone. This shade is a warm red like Mimosa’s red. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the colors and quality. Not just the colors makes me so impressed, other than the colors, is the colors’ pigmentation, very high pigmented. And the best amongst all, I like the texture, it’s so lightweight, like as seems nothing on lips. A huge difference comparing with lipsticks. Because it’s a powdery form, after applied it just stayed on lips like using a lip tint. It won’t over dried lips, and I had tested eating my lunch with it on my lips, the fading is about 25% comparing to lipstick’s fading is easily 50% or more. Other than these points I’d mentioned, the usage is also very easy to apply and precisely coloring the whole lips. If you have chapped lips, do not worry about it, before you start to do your face makeup, just apply some lip balm to moisturize your lips while you’re doing the foundation to eye makeup, until to lips just use a tissue paper gently wipe off the lip balm then apply. Unless you have really chapped dry patchy lips, I’ll recommend you better to exfoliate your lips with some scrub or either peeling gel and after doing so before sleep at night, apply lip balm on lips to hydrates lips all night long. A good lip balm is not difficult to find, just the brand Mentholatum’s ranger are excellent, especially the hyaluronic acid lip gel. Or if you have lip mask is even better. This way, the next day your lips are in excellent condition and no more chapped lips to worry of applying this lip powder.

Alexandria WONG

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