1. Pencil Eyeliners

These are perfect for beginners because it’s the easiest to use. It’s also easier to remove if you make mistakes, and does not take any time to dry. It creates a softer and more forgiving line and is usually not as dark as liquid or gel liners. Also perfect for tightlining. The pencil eyeliner can be used to line both upper and lower lash lines, and can be smudged for a smoky-eye look.

2. Liquid Eyeliners

If intense is the name of your game, the liquid eyeliner is the one for you. These liners apply smoothly and can create clean, fine lines which are darker and more dramatic. It’s perfect to create a wing-tip with, and has the ability to stay on longer throughout the day without smudging. The liquid eyeliner requires a steady hand when applying, and takes some time to dry. A useful tip when using a liquid liner is to trace the line you want with a pencil liner first, using it as a guide before applying the liquid liner.

3. Gel Eyeliners

Gel liners are like a combination of the pencil and liquid liner. Beginners who aren’t confident with a liquid liner can use a gel liner as it’s easier to control and therefore, easier to apply to give you dramatic lines to define eyes. The gel liner is flexible as you can wear it soft and smudged, or you can build on it for a heavier look for a night out.