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Master the liner!

Master the liner!

1 September 2016

Oh-so-beautiful lips!

Oh-so-beautiful lips!

15 August 2016

Stop browsing & start here with the brow expert

If you only had a minute before heading out the door, which makeup product would you choose? For some, it’ll be a lipcolor or applying mascara; but one of the best ways to look groomed is to ensure that your brows are on point. Here are two simple steps to achieve professional-looking brows with Expert Brow Slim Liner.

12 July 2016

Get, Set, Glow!

Women obsess about the perfect eyeliner or lipcolor, but a blusher is just as important to liven up your look and give you that healthy glow. Here are some essential tips when applying blusher.

1 April 2016

No More Clogged Pores!

Whatever your beauty routine, it’s always important to remove makeup at the end of the day to ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed and pores are not clogged.

28 March 2016

Makeup Travel Buddies!

Planning a holiday? Fret not, you only need 4 items in your makeup bag and you’ll be all geared up and good to go!

28 March 2016

Pretty lips in no time

Tips for pretty, matte lips

15 February 2016