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A new generation of highly pigmented, extra long-lasting and exclusive shades that reinvent color intensity. The alluring spectrum of colors blends effortlessly with its ultra velvety soft texture and smooth creamy finish. Its unique formula guarantees a maximum color pay off and allows the color to blend evently and flawlessly to elevate your lids to daring heights!

• Highly pigmented
• Extra-long wearing
• Blends easily

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May 23, 2019

Out of 6 shades I’d collected 3, #01 Mocha Latte, is a most natural earth tones. This 2 colors pallet comes in 2 shades of browns, one lighter shade of brown which very much as like it’s name – Mocha. This color is very much alike to skin tone, can be use alone if want just one tone color shadow. Other wise, it’s use as base tone on eyelids and upper lids. The second shade is a much darker chocolate tone. It’s not so dark like it’s name – Latte. The color is more of chocolate. A perfect match for those searching for a very natural earth tones of eye shadow. The second shade I had is #08 Flushed Maple. This 2 shades pallet comes in a maple pink which the pink is more like a dried rose pink and a medium chocolate brown. Also considered as earthly shades of eye shadow. The third shade I had is #06 Hazy Pink. This pallet of 2 colors are more to pink shades. The first pink is more to a sweet candy pink and the second pink is a plum color. I find using this pallet of 2 pinks, it must use together with an eye liner, preferably a liquid eyeliner, either a black, brown or daringly, a purple color liner. Coz if without an eyeliner, after using these colors of 2 pinks together, a pink like candy and a plum shade, it make the eyes looks like just after a hard cry – pink swollen eyes (LOL !!) The best color of eyeliner that goes along well is a brown color liner. It just match very well a natural looking. A black liner is okay, but makes the look a little bolder. If a purple liner, it’s even more bolder and looks wild. I think it’s more suitable for party looks. Overall, these 3 shades of 2 colors pallets I’ve collected, they are just nice to wear for anytime and any occasions. And all colors are none shimmerings, they’re all matte type. Which is perfect. Only thing of disadvantage is the applicator. The sponge tip of the applicator after used for sometime, it just easily tear off. At the end, have to buy my own applicator. Or sometimes, I find using fingers to blend the colors to eyelids is more evenly than using applicator. P/S: Forgot to review this eye shadow as I had already have it for sometime ago.

Alexandria WONG

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