Get, Set, Glow!

Women obsess about the perfect eyeliner or lipcolor, but a blusher is just as important to liven up your look and give you that healthy glow. Here are some essential tips when applying blusher:

1. Pick the right shade

The right shade is important to keep your look natural. Those with fair skin can try shades like rosy pinks, medium skin tones can opt for peach and dark skin tones can use reds or corals. When in doubt, the best way to choose the right shade is look at the color or your cheeks after you exercise – the color on your checks will be indication of the right shades for you.

2. The right formula

A powder blusher is easy to apply and looks the most natural. Make sure that skin is hydrated enough before applying blusher; as it might set into fine lines or dry, flaky skin.

3. A little goes a long way

Don’t overdo your blusher application! Dab your brush on the blush, and tap off the excess before you apply onto cheeks.


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