4 secrets to bold, red lips

Show Your Pout with Red Lips, 4 secrets to bold, red lips!

1. Start slow:

If you’re a beginner and shy about wearing a bold color, start with something more subtle like a lipgloss in a bold shade. It’s not too overpowering, and is perfect for daytime wear. Perfect to ease you slowly to transition to a bold color!

2. Wear a lip liner:

Line lips with a lip liner to lock in your bold lipcolor, and to avoid the color from feathering to the outer edges of lips. Choose a shade closest to your lipcolor or use a nude lip liner to ensure that you don’t have the two-toned effect on lips.

3. Matte and flawless:

Exfoliate lips before wearing a bold color, especially if it’s a matte lipcolor. You can always use a wash cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush with warm water.

4. Keep the rest light:

Keep the rest of your makeup light to balance out a bold lip.

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